Malgudi Garden in Plano

Questions and answers

Saturday night, is there buffet?

Yes. There is a special buffet on that day

Is there buffet Friday night?

Yes .. it is

Dinner buffet on Tuesday charges

Usually around $10.99. Today for some unknown reason other than a day on the calendar it was $14.99

So freaking good! It's not even a question... The weekday buffet is delicious, Thursday nights are awesome and the atmosphere is incredible.


From what time to what time is the lunch buffet please?

Sat-Sun :12pm - 3pm ; Mon-Fri : 11:30pm - 2:30pm

What days are there buffet

Awesome thanks

How much is Friday dinner buffet?

As of what I remember, it is either $13 or $15 per person, but I don't really know if it's the weekend or a weekday price. Do call up there the staff is pretty friendly.

Does the restaurant have dinner buffet on weekdays?


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